Mel Carmichael – Advisor to the Board

“Gar Drolma has become such and important part of my life over the past 4 years.  I walked in as many do: with no clue what to expect.  I spent my first day at Gar Drolma doing White Tara.  I didn’t know what any of it meant and I didn’t know why people were doing it but I was immediately drawn in.

This was quickly followed by a Guru Rinpoche Empowerment by Bhaku Rinpoche.  I sat in the first row and served tea to him and his attendant.  This was a retreat where no one was to speak except for during the practice and the only meal was a vegetarian lunch.  I did it all and still had no idea why it was so important to me.  Time has passed and I have developed an understanding that is hard to explain.

This temple is so important to my life and its future, I now know, is essential to not only my well being but all members and beyond.  I have always had a special affection for new people that come to this center.  I truly believe that we have something to offer anyone who walks through the doors of Gar Drolma.  I think (after much meditation and practice) that I am meant to help new people find how the Dharma can make anyone’s life of bigger benefit no matter what their cultural or religious background (even it I don’t personally have all the answers).

I wish for others to discover the joy of sharing in this wonderful Sangha. I want to show all that Gar Drolma is a special and important part of this community that is worth supporting.  I look forward to helping make the most of this center so that it can give the same gift to others that it has given to me.”

– Mel Carmichael