Memberships and Donations

Perhaps no other year in our lives has so clearly illustrated the truth of the Dharma than 2020. Suffering can be seen at a global level. Our everyday routines—including our onsite schedule of Dharma teachings and practices–have proven to be impermanent.

However, there is one thing we can count on.  Khenpo Samdup Rinpoche is working harder than ever to provide teachings and lead us in practice. He has bestowed a shower of blessings on students from all of his centers with more than 100 straight days of continuous online teachings and practice.

Though we currently cannot hold retreats or meet onsite at Gar Drolma Buddhist Learning & Meditation Center, we are committed to sustaining the Dharma and the activity of Khenpo and other teachers who usually visit Gar Drolma. This also includes maintaining the Temple and Samten House (Khenpo’s residence in Dayton) for the future. Achieving this goal is only possible through the kindness and generosity of practitioners like you.

Would You Like to Help?

There are two ways you can support Gar Drolma. The first is through an ongoing Gar Drolma Membership. There are four Membership Levels.

  • General Member: $5 – $49 per month
  • Assistant Member:  $50 – $74 per month
  • Supporting Member: $75 – $99 per month
  • Sustaining Member : $100+ per month

Or if you would like, you can also choose to make a donation. Your generosity at this difficult time means that we can continue the important work of sustaining the Dharma and helping sentient beings. Your membership or donation can serve as a bridge to the future when we once again can welcome our Dharma friends to the center. We look forward to seeing you on our virtual programs.

You may also make a contribution with a check or money order payable to Gar Drolma Buddhist Center.

Send to:
Gar Drolma Buddhist Center
1329 Creighton Ave,  Dayton, Ohio 45420