Gary Smith

“I awakened my interest in Buddhism while spending time in Japan as a student in the early ’80s. My interest was quite broad but heavily influenced by Zen. I spent many years reading about Buddhism and practiced – off and on – on my own. While living in Geneva, Switzerland my wife and I visited Rabten Choeling which was my first exposure to Tibetan Buddhism. Practice was conducted in 5 languages there and I wasn’t completely sure what was going on most of the time, but I did feel a connection.

Shortly thereafter we moved to Dayton and I remember thinking to myself, ‘There is no way there is a Buddhist temple in Dayton, I’ll probably need to drive to Columbus!’. Surprisingly enough, upon a quick Internet search I found Gar Drolma and was elated to see it was only 4 miles from my house. I came one Sunday morning for practice and everyone was so helpful and welcoming that I decided to come again. I have now been a member here for a few years and am honored to be part of the Sangha. Through my service on the Board I strive to be of service to our teachers, members and visitors alike.”

– Gary Smith