Mike Young

“I have been interested in Buddhism since the 70s and was really grateful to discover several years ago that Dayton had a center. Since I have been coming to the cener, I have been amazed at the teachers I have met here, as well as the range of teachings they have offered us. I have also been extremely impressed with the dedication of the Sangha. We are a relatively small group but everyone pitches in, including out-of-towners, to support the center and enable the teachings.

Gar Drolma Choling is a great place to practice and to meet other practitioners. My mind seems to naturally find calmness and mindfulness when I sit in the main meditation room.

In joining the board, I look forward to working on extending the range of teachings that the center offers. I am particularly interested in helping to establish opportunities for newcomers, both those interested in Buddhism and those just interested in learning meditation techniques.”

– Mike Young

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