The Pointing Out Instructions Given to the Old Woman

Commentary by Khenpo Samdup Rinpoche

Khenpo Samdup Rinpoche gave teachings on “The Pointing Out Instructions Given to the Old Woman” by Guru Rinpoche.

Guru Rinpoche gave a direct pointing out instruction to an old woman who had offered him curd and fruit during one of his retreats and requested these instructions. She asked for instructions that require little hardship, are easy to understand, and are very effective.

The title of these pith instructions is the Finger Pointing Instructions because Guru Rinpoche taught them to the Old Lady while he was pointing his finger at her. This teaching has great simplicity yet is very profound. In this teaching Guru Rinpoche explained how to recognize the nature of mind by using short study, meditation, and concentration.

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Special thanks to Garchen Meditation Centre-Vancouver for all their efforts in preserving these precious teachings by recording and uploading to the YouTube channel.