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Mahāmudrā Retreat in São Francisco Xavier – Brazil

April 14 @ 10:00 am 12:00 pm EDT

Online to the International Sangha

Jigten Sumgon’s Song of the Realization of the 
Five Limbs of Mahāmudrā & 
Ganges Mahāmudrā by Tilopa

commentary by Khenpo Samdup Rinpoche


Online Only

SA‌‌‌TU‌R‌‌D‌A‌‌Y, A‌PR‌IL 13‌th – S‌‌‌UN‌‌D‌A‌‌Y, A‌PR‌IL 14‌th‌‌‌
‌‌9:00‌ ‌am – 9:‌‌40 am ED‌T – D‌a‌i‌ly Practice
‌*10:‌‌00 ‌am – 12‌‌:00 ‌pm E‌D‌T – Mahāmudrā Teachings

Join Khenpo Samdup Rinpoche and the Brazil Sangha for this profound Mahāmudrā Retreat in São Francisco Xavier.

Mahāmudrā is a collection of teachings and meditation methods that allow practitioners to discover and gradually stabilize the recognition of the fundamental nature of mind.

As the text states, “…Mahāmudrā cannot be shown…”.  It cannot be explained in words or grasped by the intellect. Khenpo will guide us in understanding how we also can practice this path and gain insight into the true nature of mind.

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