Debbie Jackson, Center Director

“I was led to Gar Drolma five years ago, seeking to find a teacher and begin studying Buddhism. There really are no words to describe my joy at finding the center and the beauty of meeting with the dharma. It’s like walking in the scorching dessert and being given a cool glass of water to drink – you just can’t seem to get enough.

I knew from that point forward I would devote my life to serving the dharma in any way that would be of benefit. I was very fortunate to spend seven months at Garchen Rinpoche’s center in Arizona where I learned so much about living in community , serving, and engaging in the practice on many levels. I felt very blessed to have this precious time there and hoped it would be of help at Gar Drolma.

It is such an honor to serve on Gar Drolma’s board and be part of such an incredible community. There is such a special group of members here who share their love for Garchen Rinpoche, the center and the dharma. For me, coming to Gar Drolma has been like coming home. Becoming a member of the center brings boundless blessings, for when you connect to the center you connect to Garchen Rinpoche. And when you connect to Garchen Rinpoche, you connect to love – what greater gift could there ever be?”

– Debbie Jackson