Contemplate the Heart Essence of the Seven Supplications to Tara Verses

with Khenpo Samdup Rinpoche starting Tues. November 17th

As we continue our recitation accumulation of the Seven Supplications to Tara, please join us in a new Tuesday online class to deepen your insight into its profound meaning. Khenpo Samdup Rinpoche will lead us in the contemplation, meditation and discussions of a single verse each week. The insights you gain can deepen your experience during the recitation accumulation which continues every week on Wednesdays.

Khenpo Samdup Rinpoche has said that the Seven Supplications to Tara contains the complete Five-fold Path of Mahamudra including Guru Yoga, Yidam Deity practice and Mahamudra meditation.

This program will be based on The Seven Verses of Supplication to Tara, Teaching led by Khenpo Samdup Rinpoche for the worldwide Sangha, October 7, 2020.

Video Library for the Contemplation of the Heart Essence

Special thanks to Garchen Meditation Centre-Vancouver for all their efforts in preserving these precious teachings by recording and uploading to the YouTube channel.