A Lamp to Dispel Darkness

An Instruction that Points Directly to the Very Essence of Mind, by Mipham Jampal Dorje

May 8, 9 and 15, 2021

Khenpo gave these profound set of pith instructions which he received directly from Khenpo Munsel Rinpoche.

These instructions establish a powerful and profound path to sustain awareness of the essential nature of mind and thus wake up to the true nature of our being, without the need for extensive learning or solitary retreat experience.

Khenpo had asked that to attend the teachings, we should have attended one of the following teachings on zoom: Absolute Manjushri, Ganges Mahamudra, or Guru Rinpoche’s Pointing Out Instructions to the Old Woman. 

If you did not attend one of the teachings on zoom then commit to reciting 10,000 short Vajrasattva mantras, OM BENZAR SATO HUNG. The mantras can be completed at any time.

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