3rd Annual Guru Rinpoche Bhum Tsok

100,000 Offering Ceremony for World Peace and Long Life His Holiness Dalai Lama & other Holy Masters

Bhum Tsok Puja
8.21.20 -8.26.20

Live streamed on Facebook:  Gar Drolma Buddhist Learning & Meditation Center 

This 8-day puja ceremony was the offering of 100,000 compassionate recitations to invoke the blessings of Guru Rinpoche Padmasambhava. The Peaceful Padmasambhava prayer is very powerful for transforming ager and impure objects in the mind to manifest as purified perception of non-dual, liberated thought. There are great benefits of vast merit, wisdom, and bodhicitta realization to remove outer, inner and secret obstacles. The merit of the practice is then dedicated to the long-life of H.H. Dalai Lama and all other holy masters, as well as all loved ones and beings for the benefit of world peace. 


Supplication to the Lineage of Padma Linga’s Terma The Sadhana of Peaceful Guru Rinpoche

The Concise Tsok Feast

The Prayer to Guru Rinpoche for Attainments