Entries by Nancy Timper

Mary Pipik

I had little interest in Buddhism until I started to practice. My husband had practiced for many years, but it involved travel and time away. It was when he began to […]

Michael Stanek

I first developed an interest in Buddhism and meditation in the early 1980’s, while reading about Zen in college.  I casually dabbled over the years, reading more, and meditating, mainly […]

Gary Smith

Gary states, “through my service on the Board I strive to be of service to our teachers, members and visitors alike.”

Mike Young – Advisor to the Board

Mike is particularly interested in helping to establish opportunities for newcomers, both those interested in Buddhism and those just interested in learning meditation techniques.

Trey Utacht – Advisor to the Board

Trey has been coming to the center (on and off) from the time it was at its initial location in a second story storefront in Yellow Springs until the present amazing location.

Venerable Konchog Thubten Nima

H.E. Garchen Rinpoche has requested Lama Thubten Nima to serve as Chant Master at all the Garchen Buddhist Dharma centers in the West.